Veronica Herber

Landform, 2015

Supersized masking tape

Veronica Herber’s art practice engages with materiality and temporary transformation; both of her chosen material, masking tape, and the site she interacts with. In this installation Herber utilises simple mapping and contour lines to allow the site to reveal its form. The masking tape adheres to the land and is reinforced with thousands of hand-made staples. The work will ‘hold fast’ despite the many challenges presented by the elements.

“I was interested in creating a piece that would be seen from the ferry, so the connection to the land would begin even before the viewer reaches solid ground. For me the line is a pure form of expression; to impose a series of minimal contour lines onto the landscape opens up ideas of control and revelation.”

Veronica Herber

Veronica Herber is an Auckland based installation artist.

She graduated with distinction from AUT University, Auckland, in 2011 with a BVA. Since then Herber has shown work in public sculpture shows in New Zealand, Australia and Mexico including Sculpture by the Sea Bondi 2014, Cottesloe, Perth 2013, headland Sculpture on the Gulf 2013. Her drawings and indoor sculptures are represented in the Chartwell Collection, Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki and the James Wallace Arts Trust Collection.