James Russell

James Russell Rolling Reflections, 2019

16 modular mesh cubes, ranging in size from 500 mm sq. to 2000 mm sq

Rolling Reflections is an abstract representation of tumbling rubble. It uses reflection, repetition and scale to maximize its engagement with its viewers. It draws inspiration from its seaside location and the countless volcanoes throughout Auckland.

The cubes are built from layers of steel mesh creating a 3-dimension mesh grid. This grid creates forever changing views, patterns and shapes. The mesh cubes are static objects, but as viewers navigate through the field of mesh cubes, the changing views, patterns and shapes creates the illusion as if the cubes are tumbling down the hillside.
The cubes are galvanized and then treated with a reflected paint adding another layer to the work. The cubes will shimmer and reflect the sun, enhancing the illusion that these static objects are of tumbling down the hillside.

James Russell

Born in Sydney. Lives and works in Auckland.

James Russell is a recent Architectural Masters graduate from The University of Auckland. He has a strong interest in the activation and transformation of public space, through the use of temporary and atmospheric architecture and art. Projects that are “approachable, stimulate emotion and that give space to the imagination.”

Throughout James work, a big focus is on the materials and the way they can play with light to enhance the viewers experience. His previous work ‘Light Field’ is an immersive, atmospheric lighting installation, designed for the activation of public space. It was last seen lighting up the water’s edge in the Viaduct at the 2018 Bright Nights, lighting festival.