Elin & Keino

Artificial Astronomy, 2015

Plastic tubs, wood, tape text, metal post stakes

The installation consists of 7 star constellations from the Southern Hemisphere. The work deals with the ecological problem of light pollution, which is caused by excessive and/or obtrusive artificial light that has made the stars almost impossible to see in certain areas. Artificial night lighting is increasing and the ecological effects are profound, as most species (including humans) depend on light and dark for some portion of their daily or seasonal life cycle. Increased night lighting associated with human civilization disrupts important behaviours and physiological processes with significant ecological consequences

Artificial Astronomy invites visitors to view the night sky that’s being threatened or in some parts perhaps even lost. The work can be seen as a humble homage to the greatness of the night sky but even more as a reminder of the harmful effects of light pollution.

Elin & Keino

Elin&Keino is the collaboration between Finnish artists Heini Nieminen (MFA) and Sandra Nyberg (BFA) that began in 2009.

Since then, the duo has participated in numerous exhibitions in Finland and abroad. Elin&Keino focus mainly on environmental and community art, often working on environmental issues and dealing with people’s relations with the environment and each other. Nieminen & Nyberg also work separately as individual artists.