Simon Ingram

Simon Ingram – Biography

b. 1971, New Zealand.

Based in Auckland.

Represented by Gow Langsford Gallery.

Simon Ingram has engaged in a decades-long examination of painting and technology. At the heart of his practice is an interest in human responses to new technologies. To Ingram, painting is a way to explore those encounters. His work connects to a recurrent theme in painting since the invention of the camera. Ingram’s interest in the idea of machines and systems as a means to explore painting has moved through several iterations. He has created paintings using custom machine assemblages that translate data, interpreting signals from a wide range of sources including cosmic radiation and brain waves to generate paintings. He has also used machine learning tools to generate imagery. This exploration has seen him experiment with other disciplines including computer science and radio astronomy, and he notes that his works can be seen as science experiments as well as artworks.