Xin Cheng and Chris Berthelsen

making-do(ing) | on enjoying our gardens and other wild places, 2015

Human and non-human animals, various materials gleaned from Waiheke
Constantly shifting dimensions

Visitors are invited to spend time with artists on site and make something to take home or leave behind; artists are available to facilitate similar work.

“Sculpture as making and a starting point and platform for convivial creation and enjoyment.”
– Allan Smith

“Craft as shared or collaborative practice, the ability to invent, adapt, and improvise with limited means, and as humanly-scaled, environmentally attuned technology.”
– Allan Smith

We will be present for the duration of the exhibition continually constructing a playful and frugal environment that makes use of resources already on Waiheke. It will include donated and gleaned materials like beach rubbish, garden weeds like bamboo, scraps from other artists’ works; and local sources such as the Ostend Transfer Station and the New Hope Op Shop.

This work takes inspiration from the book titled Notes from a Non-Gardener’s Diary: (On Enjoying Our Gardens and Other Wild Places) by Waiheke legends Lyndsay Meager and Don Chapple, 2003.Xin Cheng and Chris Berthelsen

Xin Cheng and Chris Berthelsen

In early 2014 Xin Cheng and Chris Berthelsen encountered each other by chance through a mutual interest in tyres.

Recent projects include making-do supported by Artspace, Auckland, A Stimulus Terrain! for Widening the Margin of Play with split/fountain, Auckland for the 26th International Biennial of Graphic Design Brno, Czech Republic, massage dictionary for RM gallery and the Project (NZ) envoy to International Artist Initiated, Glasgow, and designs for a public park in South Auckland.