Shannon Novak

Medley: Part I – XIII, 2015

Powder coated aluminium, software

Medley is a composition for a section of the walkway on the Matiatia headland; twelve vertical poles standing like twelve musical notes on manuscript, waiting to be played. The audience is invited to extend the sculpture into online space by taking selfies with the poles and uploading these to a central image repository. The photos are then woven together, creating a digital structure that continually updates as new images are submitted. Medley thus becomes a sculpture co-created between artist and audience existing simultaneously online and of offline, a synergetic constellation of paint, pixels, and the land beneath.

Shannon Novak

Novak suggests that ‘music is in everything.’

He creates compositions for objects, locations, and people, much as musicians might compose for/about places, people or experiences with emotional resonance for them. Trained initially as a pianist, his practice encompasses painting, sculpture, and installation, with a focus on using geometric forms to explore and render his understanding of the interrelationships between sound, colour, form, time, space, and social context. His installations and exhibitions have been seen in national and international institutions, festivals and public spaces.

Represented by Trish Clark Gallery, Auckland