Scott Eady

Princess XL (fountain #1), 2015

Silicon bronze

Princess XL (fountain #1) began as an action performed by a young boy playfully brandishing a large marrow picked fresh from the family vegetable garden. Though small, Eady’s garden provides food for his family. It is a social space where the sweat of labour and sharing and the discovery of knowledge are bound by dirt and the shit of quail and chickens.

Eady’s 2014 exhibition The Shit Gardener recontextualised the seemingly backyard banal into a symbolic playground. Princess XL (fountain #1) can be understood by tracing a line from ancient civilisations to early Modernism. For an early civilization the notion of fertility necessarily and shamelessly included sexual reproduction of both livestock and humankind, so fertility gods often sported a conspicuous phallus.

Scott Eady

Scott Eady (born in Auckland, 1972) has always and continues to make strong claims for an object-based sculptural practice, while laughing at or undercutting some of its associations and forms.

As a maker of objects that interrogate and confound the nature and value of objects, Eady’s recent work has taken on a greater participatory dimension. Eady is currently based in Dunedin and is Senior Lecturer of Sculpture at the Dunedin School of Art at Otago Polytechnic. His work is represented in public and private collections throughout New Zealand.

Represented by RH Gallery, Nelson