Lonnie Hutchinson

Star Mound, 2015

Stone: Stoney gold (local)

The term “star” or “cog mound” has generally been taken to designate any mound that is composed of rock or earthen fill and which usually has a stone facing of anywhere from one to about 14 courses high. There are over 300 star mounds recorded in Samoa and archaeologists suspect there are many more yet to be discovered. The oldest mounds tested so far were constructed between 700 AD to 1100 AD, 900 years ago. Samoan mythology and cultural expressions reference the ritual of pigeon-catching (a chieftain sport) on the mounds along with ceremonies and magical rituals to cure illnesses.

Lonnie Hutchinson

Hutchinson has visited several times some of the star mounds and architectural monuments on the Samoan islands and will construct a platform based on the structural and conceptual architecture of the star mound.

Acknowledging and informed by the rich cultural resources of her Polynesian heritage (Mäori-Ngai Tahu, Samoan), Lonnie Hutchinson is a multi media and installation artist. Public commissions include ‘All that you breathe’ Victoria University Wellington (x 2, 14m vinyl-cut murals) 2013,
‘Te Waharoa ki te ao Marama’ (A freestanding Corten steel sculpture) Hamilton Lake, 2013 and ‘Honoa ki te Hono Tawhiti’ 12 permanent wall works for the re-build of the Auckland Art Gallery 2011.