Julie Moselen

Julie Moselen, Continuum Amplas, 2022

Corten Steel. 2500 x 2200 x 1950mm.

Julie Moselen undertook this work with the desire to make a ‘monumental’ sculpture for Te Whetumatarau Point that would be visible from the gulf as a bold celebration of nature’s rhythms and cycles.

At this scale, Moselen’s signature metalwork recalls the megalithic monuments found in her homelands of West Penwith of remote Cornwall. Alluding to the rituals and cosmologies of her pagan ancestors who fashioned them and embodying the deep reverence for the land that forms their heart-centre.

Like a sweeping, pirouetting Mobius strip in form, yet defying gravity in material, Continuum Amplas bridges the mathematical and the ethereal, the ordered and the intuitive, the human and the divine.  The work intends to “explore and discuss that which is bigger than us yet within us”. Viewers are invited to commune with the work as a multi-sensory experience, activating the sculpture through their own touch and listening for how the wind, sunlight, and the surrounding expanse of the ocean also bring it to life.


Lives and works in Auckland.

Julie Moselen began her creative career with a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Metalcraft and Jewellery Design, completed in the United Kingdom, before moving to Aotearoa in 1998, where she established a practice as a contemporary jewellery designer.

Her affinity for metal has since expanded to include a sculptural practice using Corten steel. While this shift occasions new consideration of context, scale and function, and intensive manufacturing processes, the intimacy experienced by the wearer and the jewellery object is something that infuses Moselen’s sculptural works, whether intended for domestic or public spaces.

Moselen is a resident artist at Corban Estate Arts Centre in Henderson. Her work is held in several private collections and has been exhibited throughout Aotearoa at events such as NZ Sculpture on Shore