Francisco Carbajal

Francisco Carbajal, Unified Peaks, 2022

Scaffolding, woven plastic strapping, 11500 x 4200mm.

As the work creates a movement with the wind and the site, it reflects the dance of our consumed traces repeating in nature. Echoing the drift of micro-plastics carried in the elements a dance of dire consequence for ocean habitats and

Unified Peaks is a collaborative project designed to question the current environmental practices of both the architecture and construction industries. By fusing art and architecture, this work hopes to create a platform for discussion around circular economies for construction materials. It asks, “should the use of up-cycled materials become standard practice in the future?” and looks to ways that might be achieved.

Unified Peaks behaves as a shelter, expressing the fundamental purpose of architecture whilst simultaneously communicating the need to reframe that purpose for a contemporary social and ecological context.

Its form captures the calm yet potentially violent behaviour of the moana surrounding Waiheke Island. This contrast is mimicked in the sculpture’s design by the soft curves and aggressive points, all created using upcycled materials found at the fringe of construction: scaffolding poles are used as the outer frame and woven plastic strapping forms the screen for shading.

While enjoying shade from the sun, look for the QR codes hidden around the sculpture to learn more about this project.

FRANCISCO CARBAJAL (FNC Designs) in collaboration with Proconsult, Vertus Construction, Mitzi O’Brien, Grayson Croucher, Clare Na, Hye Ryun Lee.

Francisco Carbajal’s artistic practice draws upon his background in architectural design, the Waiheke landscape, and digital design.

His thesis, ‘What Gets Measured Gets Managed’, examines carbon-conscious practices in the design industry, including obstructions to their implementation in design. The current industry does not have the tools to carbon-calculate building projects within the New Zealand climate. The outcome of Carbajal’s research is a proposed tool, ‘LCA Link’ to streamline carbon calculation software. All proceeds from the sale of this artwork will help fund the development of LCA Link. To learn more visit www.lcalink.co.nz

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