Elliot Collins

Elliot Collins Memory Castle, 2019

Scaffolding, fencing, billboard vinyl, cable ties and enamel pens. 7000 x 7000 x 5000 mm approx.

This work comprises of hundreds of memories of visitors and residents on Waiheke Island. The pennants that cover this temporary castle flutter on the breeze and signal a thought, prayer or reminder of a person, place or moment that is significant to those individuals who add their flag to the castle.

The scaffolding acts as a skeleton or sketch of a castle, a building that was traditionally made to be long lasting and solid. This castle is the inverse of that type of structure. It is transparent and momentary just like a passing memory or thought of a loved one or a past event. It questions ways of holding on to memory or ways of letting go.

The hand drawn flags made by local school children and visitors are added to the castle over the duration of Sculpture on the Gulf 2019 and reflect the value of memory that each contributor shares. Those who pass by Memory Castle will be asked to pause a moment, read a few flags and contemplate how collective memory works in an age of introversion and isolation.

Elliot Collins

Born Auckland, lives and works in Auckland.

Elliot Collins is an artist who works across painting, sculpture and photography. He received his practice-led Ph.D. from AUT in 2018, researching Memory Markers in the Landscape in Aotearoa New Zealand. He has an interest in text within memorials and the landscape in Aotearoa New Zealand as well as the symbols and motifs that represent a particular kind of identity-forming narrative. His practice draws reference to poetry, language, naming, boundaries and memorials. Collins has a passion for te ao Māori and the regeneration of our forests and wildlife.

Collins works at Auckland War Memorial Museum and exhibits nationally and internationally in group and solo exhibitions. Represented by Tim Melville www.timmelville.com and Bartley & Company Art www.bartleyandcompanyart.co.nz