Audrey Boyle

the knot not and the not now, 2015

Dacron, stretch fabric, catenary wire, fence posts

“We are a nation of migrants, and, as such, exploring where we came from may help in understanding and explaining something of ourselves. My fence could be seen as a long continuous journey, as a stand-in for one’s family history, its bone-like skeletal form a graphic representation of a family’s travails and triumphs. It is an ode to the kiwi fence – a fence our ancestors may very well have built to shut things out or close things in – psychologically similar to knots. Knots – moments of physical tension – can act as a metaphor for any number of psychological states. This fence invites you to tie your own knots in order to untie those of the past. It encourages others to untie your knots in order to tie new ones and in its own way continues the great New Zealand fencing tradition.”

Audrey Boyle

Audrey Boyle was born in Rotorua, and has exhibited in Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

After extensive travel throughout Europe, she returned to New Zealand to complete an Honours degree in Sculpture at Unitec School of Architecture and Design and most recently completed a Masters of Design by Project in Sculpture at Unitec. She currently practices in Auckland, working intuitively with natural materials and found objects in installation, sculpture and printmaking.