Angus Muir and Alexandra Heaney

Sriwhana Spong, The Plum Tree Image: Pete Rees Photography

Field Apart

Glass mirror, aluminium composite panel, aluminium frame, steel rods

Immerse yourself in the surreal and intriguing as you wander through a large maze of mirrors reflecting constantly changing scenes of Waiheke Island. Field Apart, a mesmerising artwork that brings the surreal into a natural environment in a unique and approachable way, is the second work in a series titled FIELD X.

Spanning an area of 15m x 15m, Field Apart contains 36 mirror columns with 144 mirrors which create an ever-changing experience for the audience and passers-by. The environment and the public are the key elements that make up the composition of the installation, and can create ever-changing scenes, where no two experiences are the same.

Angus Muir

Angus Muir specialises in making atmospheric architecture dedicated to creating new experiences. He has a strong background in the theoretical world of design and also practical fabrication and application. His installations acknowledge the history of the area while at the same time injecting new life and energy into a space.


Alexandra Heaney

Alexandra Heaney runs her own design studio specialising in spatial design. She has gained a raft of technical and design experience relating to interactive technologies as well as using traditional materials in unique ways. She has completed a variety of public lighting installations, way-finding projects and public installations.