Anton Forde

Anton Forde – Biography

Waiheke-based sculptor Anton Forde (Ngāti Ruanui, Gaelige, Gaelic, English) holds a Masters of Māori Visual Arts with First Class Honours from Toioho ki Āpiti/Massey University.

His connection to the land, the majesty of nature, and a fascination with themes that are universal to ‘first nation’ cultures are the greatest influences on his work. 

Forde has spent extended periods living in his Nanna’s (Taranaki – Ngati Ruanui – Iwi Taranaki) part of the country, with the majestic Maunga Taranaki ever-present, and in Ireland where he discovered ancient inspirational art themes. Forde has a number of significant works in public and private collections both in New Zealand and overseas.”

“Anton Forde, is a sculptor with a noticeably distinctive and well-formed visual language… Forde develops intriguing visual tensions and compelling contradictions. These qualities are further animated by the slowly declaring narratives about place, myth and the cosmos, which are augmented by emergent questions about stewardship and identity.”

Stephen Higginson- Milford Galleries 2021

“As a graduate of Toi oho ki Āpiti/ The Māori Visual Arts School Massey University, and with each work I create, I aim to address and encapsulate the main components of Professor Robert Jahnke’s framework for analysing Māori art: He Tātaitanga kaupapa toi: a paradigm of Māori relativity and relevance. This framework allows for the works to be analysed in terms of their ties and links to genealogy, knowledge, appearance, process, site and protocols. “ 

Anton Forde

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