Sculpture on The Gulf Capital Fund


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Sculpture on The Gulf Capital Fund (please contact us if you would like to discuss Naming Rights).

The SOTG Capital Fund has been established to ensure the long-term sustainability of the organisation. With less than 10% of our funds coming from government grants, we are reliant on generous individuals and corporate supporters to fund the majority of the significant costs of staging our world-class exhibition.

The organisation has to commit to operational costs and artist support subsidies well in advance of the exhibition and hence prior to knowing what income we can secure. With no guarantee for the majority of our income, establishing the Capital Fund allows us to plan and commit to programs with a degree of security.

Key points of the fund are:

  • Contributions and Donations to the fund are held in a separate account.
  • Management and use of the funds is under the governance of the SOTG Capital Fund committee.
  • The funds are professionally invested and managed.
  • Under the Spending Policy, income from the fund can be used to pay for operational costs each year.
  • Individual and Corporate donors to the Fund are given permanent acknowledgement in the SOTG Catalogue and online.

We welcome any enquiries regarding contributions.

Contact: Warwick Grey

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