Perpetual Guardian Sculpture on the Gulf 2022 (SOTG 2022) have now finalised the line-up of artists who will take part in next year’s event. 

SOTG 2022 will bring together artists from communities across Aotearoa, including Waiheke Island and while some emerging artists will exhibit for the first time, a number of established artists will be familiar from previous years. 

The list of participating artists is as follows:


Martin Basher

Ioane Ioane

Brit Bunkley & Andrea Gardner

Tyler Jackson

Francisco Carbajal

Virginia King

James Cousins

Te Rongo Kirkwood

Jane Downes

Melissa Laing

Johl Dwyer

Virginia Leonard

Lang Ea

Isabella Loudon

Margaret Feeney

Chris Moore

Debbie Fish

Kazu Nakagawa & Salome Tanuvasa

Anton Forde

Denis O’ Connor

Wanda Gillespie

Jonas Raw

Charlotte Graham

Sally Smith

Aiko Groot

Kereama Taepa

Natalie Guy

Janine K Williams

Natalie Guy