Suji Park

Garden, 2015

Fired clay, nail glue, plaster, tempera, acrylic paint, oil paint, gesso, zinc,various pigments, garnet, crystal, steel, plastic, resin, glass, foam, mica and plants

“Garden is a mixed-media installation of red-clay vessel- figurines in various stages of emerging from the earth. Nebulous figurative forms, whose materiality and placement reflect the interaction of people with the environment as they guide and follow the formation of the land. These inhabitants escort viewers past formations of partially embedded fragments of clay vessels, cross- sectioned reconstituted sculpture, and rubble scattered in ruin-like manner.

This faux archaeological scene invites people to engage with imagined fragments of history and abstract narrative. The subject of archaeology suggests the unexplained or mysterious, the connection of physical object to mystery and discovery. These works offer moments in which to contemplate the harmony and collision of people and the land over time.”

Suji Park

Suji Park is a New Zealand-Korean artist based in Auckland.

Park draws from personal, historical, and spiritual sources to form intricate fragmented narratives. She makes use of gestural, cyclical approaches to exploring the bounds of materiality, her various ritualistic sculptural practices reflecting an interest in ancient methodologies, archaeological sites and spiritual relics. Park completed an MFA at Elam School of Fine Arts, University of Auckland in 2013, has held seven solo exhibitions and contributed work to eight group shows and art events throughout Australasia.

Represented by Ivan Anthony Gallery, Auckland