Seung Yul Oh

Parang Param, 2015

Metallic polyethylene strip, steel rod

“Parang means blue in Korean; I wanted my work to absorb various blues from its surroundings and from the audience. It is something atmospheric and emotional; blue reflects both onto and out. The work involves the environment to activate its full representation of visibility and invisibility/ disappearance. It wants to represent and reflect the elements of light, wind and surrounding colours in a concentrated form. It will provide a combined experience of landscape and seascape.”

Seung Yul Oh

Seung Yul Oh’s work is renowned for its irresistibility.

With bright colours, simple materials and organic rounded shapes, he creates work that blends formalism with ambiguous folk objects reminiscent of children’s toys, which have a universal appeal charged with qualities of surprise and spontaneity. They get their spark from a mix of familiarity and play that invokes a viewer’s fundamental experiences of creativity. Charged forms such as cells, eggs and in infatables suggest latent possibilities, anticipation and release, as well as activating negative space. The work is often kinetic or interactive, encouraging viewer engagement in ways that challenge the boundaries of gallery behaviour. He has exhibited in New Zealand, Australia, and Korea.

Represented by Starkwhite Gallery, Auckland