Brydee Rood

Ikebana Bins, 2015

Wheelie bins, assorted native ora, soil and miscellaneous materials

“Too many times my ears have mourned the hateful scream of neighbours wielding chainsaws, who when questioned make comments like ‘rubbish trees’ and ‘wasted space’ to describe an area of overgrown garden. As a response to the ‘clearing’ of such suburban landscapes, I have created an eco-sensitive series of seven portable planters, focusing on living native flora arrangements and using common wheelie bins as an earth vessel. The arrangements are inspired by giant ikebana and guided by the principle that ikebana is a disciplined art form in which nature and humanity are brought together. In opposition to the painful screech of chainsaws, contemplative silence is said to be significant in achieving a spiritual ikebana experience.”

Brydee Rood

Brydee will arrive on Waiheke fresh from a 3 month residency in Germany and a video/installation project in ARTISTERIUM 2014 Tbilisi International Contemporary Art Exhibition in Georgia, Europe.

Between 2011 and 2014 she undertook several artist-in-residence programs in India sponsored
by the Asia NZ Foundation. Brydee won the Fulbright Wallace Arts Trust Prize in 2011, receiving a scholarship to continue visual research projects in San Francisco at the prestigious Headlands Centre for the Arts.