Brit Bunkley & Andrea Gardner

Brit Bunkley & Andrea Gardner, Afternoon tea / Never odd or even, 2022

PLA, plastic, epoxy, acrylic paint and wooden furniture. Table dimensions 1700 x 1000 x 750mm.

Brit Bunkley and Andrea Gardner’s Afternoon tea / Never odd or even is a topsy-turvy-back-to-front take on our future in the Anthropocene.

Prodding at and riffing on everyday objects, their sculpture implies strange mutations taking place in creature and gravity alike at this eerie post-human tea party: things that don’t sink do; things that should end don’t; things that usually don’t have a seat at the table do.

These surreal visual puns plunge us into the (il)logic of human-induced climate change, which itself seems topsy-turvy and back-to-front. To the question of how we live with all these odd inversions, Bunkley and Gardiner’s work suggests that solidarity with the strange might be a good place to begin.


Born New York City. Lives and works in New Zealand.

Brit Bunkley is an interdisciplinary artist working across film, print, sculpture, drawings, and installations to interrogate themes such as dystopia, existential dread, and the collective unconscious, particularly as they overlap with environmental degradation. He holds a BFA from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and an MFA in sculpture and photography from Hunter College in NYC.


Born California. Lives and works in Whanganui.

Andrea Gardner holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of California at Santa Cruz and a Master of Fine Arts in Painting from the University of Iowa. She works primarily in photography and mixed-media sculpture to explore the tension between domesticity and nature, artifice and reality, and the familiar and the unexpected.

Bunkley and Gardner have been collaborating sporadically since 2000. Their recent commissions include ‘Through the Looking Glass, Sculpture in the Gardens’, Auckland Botanic Garden (2021), ‘Peaceable Kingdom’, Whanganui (2020), and ‘Animals Make Us Human’, Freyberg Place, Auckland (2020).

britbunkley.com andreagardner.co.nz