Anah Dunsheath

Anah Dunsheath’s My Pic Is My Bond

Layers of 316 marine grade stainless steel.

Celebrity selfies are all the rage, hitting the headlines,… forget the stage!

What better method to prove you were there? Show the world?,… go ‘viral’, then loud and clear!

Bond land, sea and sky,… but minus the birds, a picture, yes,… worth a thousand words!

Anah Dunsheath

Anah Dunsheath was born, lives and works in Auckland.

Anah Dunsheath was born, lives and works in Auckland. Since her first solo show at Ferner Galleries in 2003, she has had six solo exhibitions, and has participated in numerous group exhibitions at major dealer galleries. Dunsheath has been a finalist many times in national and foreign awards, with works in private, public and overseas collections.

Her art practice includes both acrylic paintings and sculptural works in stainless steel, often one echoing or combined with the other. In both paintings and sculpture, the works incorporate strong forms and bold colours. The human interaction and relationships to popular culture are an essential component providing a narrative for the viewer to complete or interact with.

Represented by Artis Gallery