Natalie Guy

Natalie Guy – Biography

Natalie Guy makes objects as artworks, and many of these objects mine and manipulate pre-existing imagery from art and history.

These references may respond to historical style cues and sites, including architectural interiors and exteriors and also specific figures; artists, architects, and designers – usually mid-century modernists. Her recent focus has been translation between built architecture and sculpture; creating artworks in a process has come to understand as visual translation. She notes that architecture is a potent and constant keeper of social memory. Her artworks intend to invoke and transform that social memory destabilising a straightforward reading of the source and the new work.

Guy has exhibited frequently and has been represented in all the major contemporary art awards in New Zealand over recent years. She was awarded a Merit Award in the National Contemporary Art Award 2014 and won the Woollahra Small Sculpture Award (Australia) 2014 and was the inaugural recipient of an Asia NZ Foundation residency to Varanasi, India 2017. She is currently a Doctoral Candidate in Fine Arts at Elam School of Fine Arts, The University of Auckland.