Margaret Feeney

Margaret Feeney – Biography

Margaret Feeney works at Māpura Studios in Auckland; Māpura is an outsider art studio for artists living with diversity, adversity and disability. 

Feeney has tutored at universities, polytechnics, prisons, and private and community art schools across Aotearoa New Zealand. She has a Bachelor of Arts, Art History, Victoria University and a Master of Fine Art, RMIT, Melbourne. She has exhibited in 18 solo shows and over 40 group shows. 

Feeney is working on two major projects: It Started with a Kiss (supported by CNZ and Boosted), looking at information space and the expanding influence of form over content in the human built world. And, A Black Comedy in Pastels that plays with the human shift of mind and environment form Culture/Nature to Culture/Culture.