Francisco Carbajal

Francisco Carbajal – Biography

Francisco Nicolas Carbajal hails from Waiheke Island and is an excellent example of the young talent emerging to lead the next generation.

 Growing up on Waiheke Island and His diverse genealogy stretching Europe, South America, and the Pacific has aided Francisco’s connection to the land and ocean, influencing his outlook of architecture and guiding him into his awareness of sustainability.  

Francisco specialises in Life Cycle Assessment and has an in-depth knowledge of sustainable design, completing a thesis on embodied energy in architecture. Francisco has always been drawn to sculptural forms, winning a prefabricated modular design competition for a sculptural bar at the University of Newcastle and hosting a small exhibition of concrete sculptures that highlighted the environmental effects of concrete at the University of Auckland. He is currently running a successful architectural practice, FNC Designs, and teaches Sustainable Design at the University of Auckland.