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Save Our Kauri Forests

Kauri are a cornerstone of the indigenous forests of the upper North Island. They are also one of the longest-living tree species in the world (reaching ages of 1000 years-plus), as well as the largest.

Waiheke Island is currently free of the deadly disease killing our mature Kauri trees, let’s keep it that way!

Before arriving on Waiheke – please ensure you have thoroughly scrubbed any footwear you are bringing to Waiheke.

During the Sculpture walk you will encounter ‘walk through’ cleaning stations manned by our Kauri Die-back Ambassadors.

This is to ensure that no contaminants are brought in to an area, and also to ensure we keep Kauri Die-back disease off Waiheke. .

You may also be required to scrub and spray your shoes part way through a walk, again for prevention and containment purposes. Our team of volunteers and Kauri Die-back Ambassadors will be on hand to assist you.

Thank you very much for your support and commitment to keeping Waiheke Island Kauri Die-back Disease free.




Jeff Thomson 2009